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Eating isn’t cheating.

I am shameless.  Or rather, I just love the show Shameless.  The new season started Sunday.  I am not certain what is it that I love more – the spiral of degradation coupled with a “if you don’t laugh you will cry” mentality, or the mere mindless quality of watching the pathetic patriarch drink himself into another pile of shit.  Or perhaps it is the fact that the show manages to somehow touch on every controversial subject matter while flooding it with sexual content and humor and cementing the not often seen concept that the family bond is above all.  You simply must watch it to understand what I mean.  I hate to admit my words can’t do it justice, but it is true.

TV whore I am not.  Primetime time shows are too formulaic for me, politics send me into an ambien like haze, the news sends me running to hide the kitchen knives and reality shows break me out into hives.  But premium channel series have me by the balls, if I had any.  Shameless and Californication take the lead. (Seriously how can you not love a show about a sex addict and hollywood played by a sex addict in hollywood?) True Blood and Hung follow in distant thirds and fourths.  Although I heard Hung was cancelled.  Guess some big wigs are tired of a show glorifying big dicks.  Game of Thrones and Sparticus are fantastic period shows – although bloody and I don’t’ mean a cycle – and they are laced with innuendo and beautiful people.  I could have lived in that time easily – maids, sex slaves, beautiful clothes, someone feeding me a constant supply of wine and grapes and bread. Except for the part where you make a misstep and you pay the mistake by hanging.  And, although not a premium channel show, Breaking Bad was pretty awesome too.  Nothing like a meth lab to get you addicted to a show.  (My play on words tonight is astounding even me!)

So there are my current sins of tv.  Obviously every one of these shows are when my angel girls are asleep.  Otherwise I would have been writing about I Carly and my slow ascent into hell. Groan.

Oh and the post title, “Eating isn’t cheating.”  is from Californication.  Those words of wisdom just had to be shared.  I would love to meet the writer that wrote that. We would certainly have lots to talk about.  While over lunch.

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