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I love being a newlywed!

I love being a newlywed!

Just the juxtaposition of the word “new” with “wed” is exciting! I think of things shiny and new, untouched and perfect joined with weddings of joy and love and bliss. As you might already be wary of my sing-songy tone of this blog, read on and get ready for full-scale assault on all things lovey, mushy and sappy. Oh yes, this newlywed is heart happy.

I love how being married is changing me. I feel more appreciative of this man I married. I know life is not about me, it is about this person that I am spending the rest of my life with. I know my happiness is directly linked to their happiness, not that I am responsible for it, but that when he is happy, I am happy. I feel settled and happy. I have a sense of pride and accomplishment that this amazing man belongs to me. I feel gratitude that in this huge world, I found the perfect person for me. This complex man is simply imperfectly perfect.

Basically, I am just so happy that I have become downright annoying. This realization hit me yesterday and I could not quit laughing. I will cite my examples below.

  1. I actually gave out marriage advice to a friend who has been married for 17 years. In my massive wisdom of 17 days, I told her what I thought she should be doing to improve her marriage. I can only imagine her eyes rolling. To her credit, she politely listened with an occasional uh huh.
  2. I start every sentence with “my husband”, or find a way to say “my husband” as often as possible. Seriously, does the checker at the grocery store really want to know that my husband loves his nightly snack I make him?
  3. I cannot seem to finalize my wedding photo book because I still just want to show all my friends every photo. They were all there – do they really even care to reflect on their drunken debauchery? All I am really doing is opening up for more photo editing requests for fat, bad hair, blemishes, etc.
  4. I continually notice how wonderful my husband (and again I remind you) is and forget he is human. Right now his nightly bedtime farts don’t even stink to me whereas I usually am gagging until the air clears.
  5. I am already planning our Christmas cards for this year because I am actually Mrs. Pinkerton and don’t just have to use first names on it.
  6. I keep trying to perfect my new signature and haven’t quite decided on the one I like best. I might have to poll some friends. Well, maybe not.
  7. I am so excited about going to the DMV and Passport office to get my new license and passport with my new wonderful married name. There is seriously something wrong with me. I normally hate the masses and would rather get a root canal.
  8. I cannot quit posting on Facebook to share, or brag if I am being honest, on my amazing happiness. I normally hate people that do this. I have now become someone I hate.
  9. I want to talk to my mother in law and my sister in law daily, as I just can’t believe I am part of this new family. I hope they don’t grow tired of me already.
  10. I think of ways I can make my husband (see I did it again) happy. Daydreaming about little presents, dinners I could cook, little acts of service I could do – I almost make myself nauseous when I realize what I am doing. I know I need to get a life, but dammit I just love my new life. I love being a newlywed.

However irritating I may be to others, I will still rejoice in my new union, my new label, my new life. Marriage hasn’t defined me, but it has enhanced me. I only hope that I have enhanced my husband (yes, I had to say it just one more time) in even one iota of the ways he has for me.

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