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I don’t believe in accidents or coincidences.  I believe that all things happen for a reason and there is something bigger than us, namely the universe, which guides our path. Take heed, I am not stating that I subscribe to some preordained path our lives will take without taking into account free will.  I am not into the transcendental lifestyle of sitting back and seeing what happens.  I am a doer.  I make shit happen.  However, many things are out of our control.  Many things are also out of our subconscious mind.  We may not know why we feel something or why we don’t.  We just validate that we are feeling it, and we take a course of action because of it.  That being said, I merely believe that we are given gentle nudges and/or signs to guide us to choose which fork in the road is the right one to take, AT THAT TIME.  Timing does account for so much that occurs, or doesn’t occur in our lives.  That very timing can be a double edged sword.  It is human nature to wait, to give pause.   Love eludes many, destroys some, and fulfills others.  Yet, to experience it later in life when equipped with emotional maturity, and to feel it with such a intensity is a gift.  I would normally shun love when faced with it as reciprocity doesn’t bode well if it is manufactured, and for me, it would be.  Slowing down would be standard as well to determine if everything that person represents is in accordance with who I am. However, perhaps it is just the brave leap that allows us to embrace love.  It is the old adage of if you fall in love, will he catch you? However, I have to come to the realization that it is much more than that.  It is back to timing and the nudge.  You either take it and risk it, even if it seems contradictory to your logic.  Otherwise, the shift occurs and then there is a new fork, a new path.

As I don’t believe in happenstance, I also don’t believe that it is just a funny thing when you fit so perfectly in the crook of someone else’s neck.  You can almost hear the snap of two puzzle pieces conjoining. The same thing goes for wrapping up in bed island to sleep and knowing you don’t want to untangle the pieces. I think that perhaps all of us are a puzzle piece of some sort and it is just a matter of finding one that fits, listening for the snap, watching for the nudge and taking the leap.


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