Get to me

If you are dying to talk to me because you like what you read and we might become BFF’s, please chat me up at

If you detest me to the core of your being, don’t bother letting me know because  1) I won’t care and 2) I will stop at nothing to change your mind, including showering you with so much of this redhead you will fall madly in love, thus ruining your current life, all for naught, because once I win you over I will have nothing to do with you and 3) or I might put a curse on you that my nail lady just taught me.

If you want to put me on the tele or in print, I can hardly wait for your email to

If you want to advertise on my blog, please note I am extremely expensive and have an insane list of criteria.  If that didn’t suppress all curiosity, then email me at and I will share my special rates with you.

For all of these purposes, please give me a hint to your subject matter in that long forgotten subject line so I can wade through the massive amounts of email I receive and find yours.

You can also find me on and on facebook/jenniferbertmanstein and on bitcheshatingmidgets….just kidding on the last one but got your attention eh?

Best and rest….



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